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Every website that exists is made of up 3 parts: the site files (HTML, PHP), the database, and the server. The site cannot exist without the files. Hackers make it their goal to destroy businesses by exploiting site code vulnerabilities Our mission is to stay ahead of the hackers with state of the art website hosting capabilities.

Why do I need hosting?

A server is where your website lives: a digital address. There are many options of platforms to host your website, and secure hosting through a trusted provider is the best way to protect yourself from hackers and loss of information. Our team at webFEAT thinks like hackers (and have ethical hacker certification), so we know exactly how to best protect your website from threats.

Hosting with webFEAT minimizes your risk: our services help protect your website from external threats. You can think of it as an insurance policy for your website. On top of keeping your website safe and secure, we also maintain the necessary updates your website needs. All websites have many moving parts and without consistent updates, the speed and accessibility of your website will suffer.

Hosting with us prevents you from being unaware of issues that might otherwise be undetected. Our practice is to take both a defensive and offensive stance on maintaining the security of your website.

The best assurance we have is that our hosting services are operated by real people- not robots. Our commitment is to serving our clients, and we offer top-notch customer services that assure you are always in our best interest. By hosting with webFEAT, you choose the services you need: web hosting, email hosting, and domain name services.

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