A server is where your website lives. You can think of it as your website’s home, where all of the information and files are stored. This home needs to be as secure as possible, to protect the information from hackers and any possible damage.
A certified ethical hacker is someone who is certified to assess the security of computer systems through the practice of evaluating vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the systems. They use the same techniques that a hacker would use without the malicious intent that a hacker possesses. Their goal is to figure out where the weaknesses are in your website and fix them, rather than exploit them. Jeremy Mauer is our CEH on staff and is committed to protecting your website from these vulnerabilities.
It is important to maintain awareness of vulnerabilities so that you can make the necessary updates to your website to remove those vulnerabilities. That’s where webFEAT comes in- we take care of the monitoring and updating for you. With WP3, we are able to expose and manage these vulnerabilities to make sure your website is always safe and protected.
WP3 stands for WordPress Protection Plan- this is our campaign to help keep your website safe and secure. We have systems in place to run frequent updates and vulnerability checks to ensure all of the information stored in your website is protected.
Vulnerabilities are anything that a hacker can discover and exploit to get into your website and damage it or steal information. All of the aspects of your website: the plugins, the themes, etc. can have vulnerabilities.

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