Ethical Hacking: What it is and how it can benefit your security

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Ethical Hacking: What it is and how it can benefit your security

Based on data collected in October 2020, almost 4.66 billion people in the world were active internet users. It would be nice to be able to assume that all of those people surfing through the web had good intentions, but unfortunately, it is essential to err on the side of caution when it comes to the internet. With the big power that the internet holds comes the big responsibility of its users to take preventative measures to keep their data safe. 

One line of defense that businesses and individuals can take is working with a certified ethical hacker. Ethical hacking is the process of penetrating one’s internet defense systems in order to identify/resolve vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are ways that hackers may be able to use in order to steal the organization’s data. Certified ethical hacking means a person has been given official training and permission to do so. Certified ethical hackers receive training through EC-Council and then take a test to become officially certified. Our very own, Jeremy Maurer, has his certified ethical hacking certificate. 

By employing an ethical hacker or working with a business that employs one, your business receives many security benefits. 

Some of the benefits of ethical hacking are as follows:

Working with an ethical hacker puts in front of potential threats

The first benefit of ethical hacking is the ability to get out in front of potential threats. Ethical hackers think how malicious hackers think in terms of breeching security defenses on the internet. The idea of “thinking the way that the hacker thinks” seems pretty simple. However, the way hackers are able to breech security systems is very complex, so understanding that takes lots of time and education.

Ethical hackers are able to evaluate the defenses you have and expose any weak spots. These weak spots could be places that malicious hackers use to infiltrate your system. They also know exactly *where* to look for vulnerabilities, and oftentimes they are places you didn’t think to look yourself. 

They can build a secure and robust network

Ethical hackers understand potential threats better than anyone. They help you to build a secure and robust network to protect your information. This goes along with getting out in front of potential threats. They build in these vulnerability fixes from the very beginning. Ethical hackers build and maintain your system to ensure that all of your information is best protected.

They have great ability to test your security systems

Like anything with technology, the landscape is always changing. Once you have your security system in place, it’s important to continuously test it. For any test to be successful, you need to be confident that the results are reliable. It doesn’t make sense to run tests on your security system and not be confident in the results. Because ethical hackers have so much knowledge and practice thinking the way malicious hackers think, you can rest assured that the tests they are conducting are sound. 

Ethical hackers can help to identify your most valuable data and work to protect it

Once again, ethical hackers are certified in thinking the way that malicious hackers think. This means that they know what data malicious hackers are after. Working with an ethical hacker means working with someone who commits to identifying your most precious and valuable information, and making sure that information is protected. 

Ethical hacking certificates are great for development

If you’re someone seeking to become an ethical hacker yourself, or a business looking to employ a professional hacker, it’s important to note that becoming an ethical hacker is great for professional development. Having an ethical hacker on staff is a valuable resource and a great investment into the future of your company and its employees. 

webFEAT Complete is fortunate to have a Certified Ethical Hacker on staff full time. Jeremy Maurer, COO of webFEAT, dedicates his time to protecting not only our information but our clients as well. Stay tuned for an interview with him to come on how he got his CEH and what his job is like. Working with webFEAT is not only an investment in the stability of your website but the security as well. Reach out to us today for more information on our hosting and security services!